Episode #102: Comic, Chris Janson & The Gentlest Bodyguard, Chuck Farmer


Local comic, Chris Janson did not speak in high school unless he had something funny to say. And although he claims in this episode not to be seeking fame, he got a lot of attention when he did a one-man nudie show at his apartment for several months. Chris's original stand-up comedy combines sketch, poetry-like delivery and awkward moments of genius. Thanks to our peer pressure, you can now follow Chris Janson's comedy career on Twitter @keepyourjanson.

Chuck Farmer, mild-mannered, former bodyguard to several notably distressed or dead famous people, joins the conversation. We learn about his family's shocking legacy of bodyguard bungles. Each relative present at some of the most infamous celebrity tragedies. Chuck was recently fired by Beyonce' after he failed to protect her from a crazed fan because he was busy subduing an electric fan. This incident shattered what remained of his reputation after running Whitney's final bath.

Desperate to get Chuck another chance, we asked Chris if he might need some protection while performing on the brutal DC comedy circuit. It turns out, Chris took to Chuck's gentle disposition and was particularly impressed with his use of salad spray in lieu of pepper spray to deter an attacker. Chuck even got a chance to prove himself when armed intruders stormed the studio. What an exciting episode with a happy ending. Just ask Tim.

Now busy protecting Chris Janson and life coaching, you can follow Chuck Farmer on Twitter at @chuckhugs.

**Special thanks to talented DC improviser, John Heiser for playing Chuck!**