Episode #101: Flying V Theatre and W.A.T (Women Against Twerking)


TIm and Jelly chat with Jason Schlafstein, the Producing Artistic Director of the Flying V Theatre. They learn about psychographic profiling and why Flying V focuses on Taste Communities instead of traditional demographics to reach their audiences. Apparently it's working, because their original show, "The Best of Craigs List" sold out at The Kennedy Center as part of their Millenium Stage Series. Learn how Flying V fights the "Loneliness Epidemic" by "creating theatre that makes people want to live life more."

You can buy tickets now to Flying V's upcoming adventurous production, Unplugged, which follows 27 Club member, Kurt Cobain, into Heaven for his overdue talk with God. Rock and Roll is Dead. Welcome to the after-party. The show runs from 9/27-10/13 at The Writer's Center in Bethesda and tickets are just $10!

Joining the conversation is Penny Vanderhughes, the President and Founder of W.A.T (Women Against Twerking). Penny started WAT after her daughter, Laticia  died in a car accident while twerking and driving. It seems twerking runs in the family and Penny is fighting her demons with a Butt Muzzle and legislation. She is trying to get Laticia's Law passed in all 50 states to prevent more deaths from TWD.

**Special thanks to the talented improviser and actress, Eileen Haley, for becoming Penny Vanderhughes.**