Episode #100: District Improv, Ricky Rosario, Didier, Dr. Kleenex, Tammy Johnson and Bruschetta Return!


We made it!  100 episodes! Our jelly jar runneth over!  Thanks to everyone who has ever come on the show. Much love and respect to all of you.

To help us celebrate, Brianna Lux and Jeff Hughes from District Improv swing by to talk about the excitement surrounding the first ever District Improv Festival that is coming to DC from Sept. 24-29 at The Source Theatre. In addition to being on The District Improv board, Brianna performs with Aboulia! and Nox! --both incredibly talented DC improv troupes. Jeff performs with Jungle Fever and is the head Buddha behind Happy Buddha Productions which produces improv variety shows throughout the year.

We also catch up with the following return guests:

Didier Hawthornwithazed--infamous but artistic ferret groomer. He tries to get a job with Ricky Rosario.

Ricky Rosario--Working the dog rodeo circuit with his dark mini humans (monkeys) and border collies. We find out about his fight with Petta and his secret basement relationship with Bruschetta (Bruce) Appateazer.

Bruschetta Appateazer--Formerly Bruce, she is now post-op and living life to it's fullest. Past president of the Transgender Avengers, she gave up her post and is now concentrating on love.

Dr. Drropdhat Kleenex-- Grief counsellor and author of "Drop That Kleenex and Pick Up Your Life". He applies his understanding of the 99 stages of grief to our hodge podge of guests.

Tammy Johnson-- Tammy was the cheerful activities director of the doomed Carnival cruise ship, The Triumph. We find out that she is coping by imagining herself in eighties sitcoms. Thank goodness Dr. Kleenex is there to pick up the pieces of Tammy's life.

**Special thanks to the following talented people:

Jamal Newman, comic and improviser who plays Ricky Rosario and Dr. Kleenex. 
Jeff Hughes who plays Didier and Bruschetta.
Alexis Turrentine who in addition to tweeting, writing and co-producing the show, plays Tammy Johnson.