Creative Business: 10 Daily Challenges to Juice Your Creative Mind! Ep. 188


Lets get the creative juices flowing together in our first Ten Day Challenge created by The JellyVision Show team. If you are a regular listener, you know that we are constantly challenging ourselves as a way to push ourselves in our business, craft and health. We want everyone to join along as Tim and I challenge each other to different exercises to juice our brain and juice our brains!

Please Join Us On The 10 Days of Creativity Challenge and Share Your Pics, Videos, and Experiences With Us While We Do The Same!  Share Your Daily Challenges!
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The 10 Day Creativity Challenge to Juice Your Creative Mind:

Day 1
Organize before bed by cleaning off surfaces you use every day such as your bathroom counter, kitchen counter and work area.
Expectation: That by clearing off these areas, you will free some space in your brain the next day.

Day 2
Make up your own words with definitions and start using them in your everyday language.
Expectation: A feeling of empowerment, freedom and fun. Get your brain thinking in a whole new way. Share your words and definitions and  we will start using them in the show!

Day 3: 
Create your personal mantra and repeat before you face anything challenging or scary.
Expectation: This creative exercise will help you zero in on a your strength so you can tackle life's uncomfortable moments where all the magic happens. Your mantra is yours and nobody else's. You don't have to share it with anybody.

Day 4: 
Glue Googly Eyes on Something
Expectation: It seems silly, but this is a low-stress way to transform an ordinary object into something completely different. It will also make you smile and probably lots of other people too. Happiness is a good petri dish for creativity to grow.

Day 5:
Spend Ten Minutes Talking to Somebody and Showing Genuine Interest in Them.
Expectation: Sometimes, we need to slow down and listen with intention to something other than our busy mind and the internet. Listen hard and see what you learn.

Day 6:

Take Us To YouVille!  Invent your own town named after YOU! (ex. Jellyville)  Then, think about the laws and/or qualities of the town that reflect you. What attracts people to Youville?
Expectation: It's fun to think about running a town. What attracts people to YouVille, probably attracts people to you and that will be reflected in your art.

Day 7:

Spend 10 Minutes Listening to A Podcast or Book that Someone Else Recommends
Expectation: To open your mind to new experiences while connecting with someone you know by showing interest and respect for something that left a strong impression on them.

Day 8:
Wear A Conversation Piece: Something That Is Likely To Attract Strange Looks, Comments, & Questions
Expectation: Nobody remembers average. Lets be memorable and comfortable in our own skin. Sometimes caring too much about what people think suffocates our true voice.

Day 9:
Choose One Body Weight Exercise such as squats, lunges, push ups, etc and do as many reps as you can. Take that number of reps and repeat 9 more times throughout the day.
Expectation: Exercise produces endorphins and those brain chemicals work in mysterious ways to boost our brain power.

Day 10

Cut Up A Box Of Food From Your Pantry And Make A Poem Or Flash Fiction.
Expectation: By not having to come up with the actual words, you can have fun arranging words in a way that appeals to you. You will also get rid of some processed food along the way.

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