Our 25 Peculiar Business Ideas That Might Make You Rich on Ep. 180


An idea that is not dangerous is unworthy of being called an idea at all.

Oscar Wilde

Our gift to you! Dangerous Ideas!  For those that yearn to start a creative business, but are struggling with coming up with an idea--this episode is for you. Jelly, Tim and Caitlin share their wildest business ideas that they love enough to give away. Think they sound insane? Check out the success of Hangover Helpers, then tell us we are crazy. Even if you don't hear one you like, expect to have your own ideas sparking in no time.

Did you know that Jelly and Caitlin keep an idea journal so they can write down ideas      everyday
(no matter how odd) as suggested by James Altucher's guide on How To Be An Idea Machine. We highly recommend reading it!

Our 25 ideas that we invite you to steal, cover a variety of different kinds of businesses--from creative side businesses, scalable services, products, and even inventions. Please let us know which ones you like!

There may be a moment in the middle where Jelly loses it, but she recovers. It's all Tim's fault.

If you get rich from this episode, please give us a positive review on iTunes and Stitcher. That is all the royalty we need.  Love--Jelly