Episode #133: Dan Brown & Dixie Smith



In this week's episode of The JellyVision Show Podcast, Tim and Jelly, talk to two creative entrepreneurs about their small businesses. Dan Brown is the founder and CEO of RocketPack Creative Services. Dan was inspired to start his own company after finding himself between government contracts. His artistic skills and technical knowledge blasted him off to success with his creative visions for his clients needing website design, digital video production, desktop publishing and graphic design services! Gone are the days of looking for sane-ish clients on Craig's List. Dan's clients now all come from word of mouth referrals. Way to go Dan!

Dixie Smith joins the podcast because she really wanted to meet THE Dan Brown. Rather than be disappointed, she accepted our Dan as THE Dan and will be using RocketPack Creative Services to help with her SEO and branding. Dixie is the CEO and founder of Weekend Pussy, a cat rental program for people who crave the companionship of a cat, but just don't want the lifetime commitment. Dixie chooses her cats wisely based on several criteria--including the potential to go viral on the internet. Kitler is very popular. Cats are installed at the client's convenience complete with food and litter box. Once the cat becomes sick, unattractive or the novelty wears off, pick up is scheduled. Way to think outside the litterbox, Dixie!

**Special thanks to DC improviser, Katie McDermott, for playing Dixie!  You can see more of Katie when she performs with her amazingly talented troupe, Breaker Breaker.