Feb 7, 2017

Creating Art And A Paycheck with Kris and Steve Loya: Ep.239


What if you created that paycheck for yourself? --Kris Loya 

Our guest co-hosts this week are the creative power couple, Kris and Steve Loya! Kris creates "paintbrush meditations" in watercolors and Steve is known for his multi-media, fantastical Splotch Monsters who live on Splotch Monster Island. 

Kris recently quit an abusive job and is going ALL IN on her creative business. She is dedicating much of her time to helping Steve further the Splotch Monster brand while also pursuing licensing opportunities for her art. 

This is a conversation relevant to all creators working hard to create their own income streams. We can't wait for you to hear the excitement from Kris and Steve. Every day is Saturday when you do what you love, JellyVisionaries! 

Don't you dare wait until retirement to pursue your dreams! The time is now because we can't do yesterday. 

As always, we believe in you! 

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