Jun 2, 2015

Episode #178: If No One Is Doing It, Why Not You? Organizing A Passion Festival with Otessa Ghadar

"You May Hear A Thousand No's, But You Only Need One Yes."--Otessa Ghadar

This week on The JellyVision Show Podcast, we have the privilege to speak with creative entrepreneur, Otessa Ghadar. Otessa is the president of 20/20 Productions, founder of DC WebFest, and the creator of the critically acclaimed web series, Orange Juice In Bishop's Garden. You didn't think that was all did you? She is just getting started! Otessa has an app in development called Tapestry that will break down the barriers between creators and their audience in order to share oral histories and stories in a new way. She also teaches courses based on her text book, The Wild West of Film.

We talk to Otessa about her early realization that new media was quickly changing the way younger audiences consumed creative content. This lead her to another realization when she became frustrated with the lack of festivals where original web series could be celebrated. Instead of Bitching about it, she decided to establish DC WebFest to recognize and honor the producers of incredible web video content. DC WebFest helped establish a name for 20/20 Productions and earned her even more attention for her series, Orange Juice In Bishop's Garden.

Otessa's positive experience with DC WebFest and Jelly's current experience organizing the first DC PodFest influenced our decision to make this week's topic about how and why you should consider creating your own passion festival or conference.

5 Big Reasons To Organize a Passion Festival:

  • To bring an under-served community of like-minded people together
  • To get your name recognized in the industry as a leader and a do-er
  • Learn from the best people in the field
  • Expand your ideal network
  • Increase your overall web presence for your brand, products and services

Listen to this episode to learn more about how to make your very own passion fest happen. Check out The JellyVision Show Blog to get even more detailed help on the subject.

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