Feb 24, 2015

Episode #165: Artists Need To Be Loud with Jessica Kallista of Olly Olly

Create xx Collaborate xx Make Some Noise

This week on The JellyVision Show Podcast, we welcome back Artrepreneur, Jessica Kallista. Jessica is a collage artist, poet and founder of Olly Olly, a new alternative art space in Fairfax, Virginia. We find out how her vision to bring art and art opportunities to suburbia where everyone is boxed in by their homes. cars and cubicles. She wants people to have the opportunity for shared experiences in order to increase awareness and appreciation of the arts. By building a variety of revenue streams into her business model, Jessica has the freedom to bring more ephemeral art experiences, like performance art to Olly Olly.

The mission of Olly Olly to offer a public space to indie artists, reminded us of a recent blog post on Creative Something by Tanner Christenson. He spoke of the famous Steve Martin quote that we all love: "Be So Good They Can't Ignore You". Tanner suggested that creatives modify the quote to "Be So Loud, They Can't Ignore You. He makes the point that you waste the value of your work, if nobody knows you and your work exist. We encourage creators to be loud, noisy beasts and share their work with the world. There are effective, strategic ways to do this, so you get noticed for all the right reasons.

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How can creators get noticed?

  • Have an active Social Media presence
  • Create a blog and post content consistently
  • Update/Make a LinkedIn Profile  (You are a creative professional)
  • Start saying I am an artist. I am a writer. I am a musician. Your bank account does not make you a creator, your work does.
  • Organize Shit (art shows, funky events, writing groups, festivals, open mics, MeetUp groups, etc)
  • Get Out and Network with non-creatives. You will fascinate them. They need you.
  • Be original by being you. You have a unique voice and style that belongs only to you.
  • Know your audience. Then talk to them. Share Your Story.
  • Be places. If you are an artist, go to as many art shows, talks and art events as you can. 
  • Collaborate with other creators

Feb 17, 2015

Episode #164: The Business of Being Conscientious


This week on The JellyVision Show Podcast, Tim and Jelly discuss the importance of conscientiousness in business, life and leadership.

Some Key Ways To Be More Conscientious In Business:

  • Keep Your Word on the little stuff as well as the big stuff
  • Recognize that your actions and words effect other people--positively and negatively
  • Be reliable and kind 
  • Be present in conversation. Listen without thinking about what you are going to say next.
  • Ignore your phone when you are with people.
  • Walk Your Talk: Do what you say you are going to do. Doing is better than talking--always.
  • Get out of your own way and address your self doubt by creating more
  • Show gratitude for business relationships through public thank you's and compliments on social media 
  • Think about the landscape of the future and plan accordingly.
  • Always be curious and always be learning 
  • Respect your mind and body by taking care of yourself

How are you working on being more conscientious? 

Feb 3, 2015

Episode #163: Creating Mutually Beneficial Relationships with Alex Vidales


Lets Do This, Creative Spirits!

This week on The JellyVision Show Podcast we welcome back creative entrepreneur and podcaster, Alex Vidales. Alex is the host and co-producer of The Pilot Waves Podcast. Pilot Waves is on a mission to connect individuals in the arts to the business community in order to instigate mutually beneficial relationships. So, we speak to Alex about how to foster these kinds of relationships in order to discover new endeavours to help us in our creative and entrepreneurial success.

Tips for Fostering Mutually Beneficial Relationships:

  • Be honest and use good communication.
  • Mutual Respect
  • Good conversation punctuated by action
  • Pay attention to signs of bad character. Do words match actions?
  • Get outside your house as much as possible for authentic, human interaction and engage in good conversation
  • Actively and constantly look for ways you can help people.
  • Make networking a game. Can you make five people smile today? Get comfortable being uncomfortable.
  • Nervous about talking to strangers? Don't be afraid of reading self-help books for tips on starting a conversation. Tim recommends Rules of the Game by Neil Strauss.

Why Do You Want to Form Relationships in Your Community? :

  • You can meet your heroes!  If you are an artist of any kind, you can attend shows and events within your community and be in the same location as people in your world that you admire. This gives you the opportunity to make a face to face connection.
  • Collaboration! Creativity thrives on collaboration. Develop partnerships with people you admire that will benefit them.
  • It grows your network and introduces more people to what you do. 

We also talk to Alex about the importance of defining your core values and telling your story. Alex has some incredible plans for the next five years and we know you will be inspired by his vision!

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