Nov 25, 2014

Episode #153: Reluctant Lawyer turned Indie Musicians’ Legal Advocate


This is a very exciting time for The JellyVision Show team as every single one of us is now, officially, a creative entrepreneur!  There will be lots of news and announcements in the New Year as various projects, events and businesses get launched. We can't wait to share everything with you. We are all up to something--It must be contagious!  Before welcoming our guests, we talk about the importance of mentors in your business. Alexis and Jelly are also addicted to the Serial Podcast and believe it's extreme popularity will lead to even more podcast fans!

This week on The JellyVision Show Podcast, we talk to copyright attorney and musician, Howard Flood about his quest to pivot his law career into a platform to help indie musicians with the legal and business side of the industry. He is doing this through the Vinny Van Geaux Project. Vinny is a re-purposed puppet that Howard is using to help deliver this kind of information through a series of YouTube videos. Stay tuned for the video series and give Howard and Vinny feedback when the project is launched. You can also hear Howard regularly on the Papa's Basement Podcast!

Joining the conversation is 74 year old protest singer, Denny Mcdougal from Greenwich Village, NY. Denny sings us some of his original songs which sound very familiar. Luckily, Howard is here to help the lovable musician who currently gets paid in sandwiches at the local PotBelly Sandwich Shop (Formerly the Pig & Bustle Coffee Haus).

**Special Thanks to Luke Hennig for bringing Denny to life! Luke is a DC improviser with The Lodge and sketch writer/performer with Bad Medicine.

Nov 19, 2014

Episode 152: Finding Your Opportunities with Jessica Brodkin

We are joined this week by the mega-talented comedian, actress and creative entrepreneur, Jessica Brodkin. Jessica has been on VEEP, House of Cards, PBS’s The Truth About Money, National Geographic's Brain Games, Investigation Discovery, and CNN’s Congressional Correspondents Dinner. She performs stand up at comedy clubs, theaters, and comedy festivals around the country.

Jessica's stand-up career has a lot of momentum thanks to a lot of talent, hard work and business strategy. We discuss how she aggressively pursues opportunities, weeds out the ones that don't make sense and is on a path to create her own. Jessica's entrepreneurial mindset and strategic approach to her art will inspire to comedians, artists and creatives of all types. Please make sure to read Jessica's book recommendation, Playing Big by Tara Mohr!
To ease her transition to the Big Apple, we invited Gaugh (pronounced "guy") Glover of Four Leaf Glover Life Coaching to come on the show and give Jessica some career coaching. It doesn't go exactly as planned, but I think we all got a lot out of it--even Jessica!

Special Thanks to Jamal Newman  for bringing Gaugh Glover to life for us. Jamal is a DC improviser, Stand-Up Comic and Ugly Hollywood Sketch Writer. Follow him on Twitter and subscribe to him on youtube!

Nov 11, 2014

Episode #151: Grow Your Fan Base with John PapaGeorgiou


This week on The JellyVision Show Podcast we talk to fellow podcaster, John PapaGeorgiou of the Papa's Basement Podcast. John has been podcasting since 2007 and is passionate about the medium. Our discussion this episode is about how to build a loyal fan base in order to become a successful, creative brand. Bow down to all the genius in this episode!

Want more audience?  Try These Tips from The JellyVision Show #151:

  • Cling to your first fans and nurture them as much as possible by engaging with them. They are the base to your success stew!
  • Use Reddit
  • Get as many Likes on Facebook and Followers on Twitter as possible and make sure to let them know what you do through active engagement.
  • Be Consistent and Log In More Hours
  • Stickers are better than business cards for creatives because they are cheaper and can end up in unlikely places
  • Know who your audience is so you can connect with the people who want to consume your creative product
  • Think creatively--Tim's Instagram plan and Alexis' Vine Plan are good examples!

Nov 5, 2014

Episode #150: Michael Dougherty: Creatively Launch Your Business for Under $200


This week we talk to accidental FilmMaker and Soon-to-Be Podcaster, Michael Dougherty about having the balls to get his first film, a Firefly Fan Film, blessed by Joss Whedon. Michael also shares how the film raised $117,000 for charity and how he got to hang out with Joss.. Since then, Michael has continued to make films with Big Damn Films as well as provide consulting services on crowdfunding strategy. He is about to launch his first podcast, Your Crowdfunding Sucks, in order to help more people launch successful crowdfunding campaigns.

We also discuss creative ways to get your business started with very little money. Joining the conversation is Coco Furnell, designer of fashionable squirrel sweaters and small business owner of Bushy Treasures where she sells handmade, cat-hair sweaters for upper middle class squirrels. Coco is currently, creatively funding her business by accepting dares for money.  She is nuts for her business!  We dare you not to get one of her sweaters!

No Excuses Tips! Anyone Can Start a Business for Under $200! 

  • Take Pre-Sale Orders
  • Take on a Side Business or Job to gain access to a similar, but larger audience
  •  Sell Your Stuff
  • Use a FREE Wordpress Site or Facebook Pagefor your initial web presence
  • Look for Promo Codes for GoDaddy to get a cheap Domain Name: Such as solo349 (Get a Domain name for $3.49)
  • Get a Logo and more for just $5 on Fiverr
  • Create Gigs on Fiverr to build your client base, resume and portfolio
  • Tell all your friends, family and strangers what you are doing...repeatedly
  • Set Up a free PayPal account so you are ready to accept payments!

Special Thanks to Alexis Turrentine for bringing Coco Furnell to life!