Apr 29, 2014

Episode #128: Sheldon Scott meets Ingrid & Jejune


Every episode of The JellyVision Show seems to have major surprises and this one is no exception. We talk to one of DC's Best Up and Coming Visual Artists (according to CBS) , Sheldon Scott. Sheldon is a performance artist, storyteller, actor and monologist who tackles the subjects of race, economics and sexuality in his work.  He is also the co-founder with Armando Lopez-Bircann of Animals & Fire; a platform to support and promote performance artists and art literacy in DC. We are shocked when Sheldon chooses his time on The JellyVision Show to announce his plans to run for DC Mayor in 2018. We took the opportunity to officially announced our first political endorsement for Sheldon Scott: DC Mayor, 2018!  He's already the Mayor of U Street! Follow Sheldon Scott on Twitter and Instagram. Like him on Facebook. Like Animals & Fire on Facebook too!

Ingrid Bird and JeJune join the conversation. Ingrid is a Performance Artist Consultant and a huge fan of Sheldon's. JeJune is one of Ingrid's clients who teaches us what it means to be a Minimalist Artist. JeJune's work is highly under-stimulating by design in order to calm our over-worked minds into blankness. JeJune was kind enough to come on the show during his "Idea Cleanse".

Find out if Ingrid convinces Sheldon to become her client and why everyday violence may be considered performance art on this mega-fun episode!

**Special thanks to DC area improvisers, Tice Rust and Katie Dunn. Tice and Katie both perform regularly at The Comedy Spot and are both gearing up for "Decades", a 2014 Fringe Production by 4&9 Productions. Tice also performs with The Improv Imps. **

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Apr 15, 2014

Episode #127: Gregg Deal: The Last American Indian on Earth


This week we welcome back Art Activist, Gregg Deal, to The JellyVision Show. Gregg is a Native American Indian and member of the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe. We first met Gregg back on JVS Episode #92 when he was about to embark on his very personal performance art project, The Last American Indian On Earth. Since then, A LOT has happened to Gregg, including several TV appearances, speaking engagements and press coverage by Indian County TodayThe Huffington Post and The Washington Post. Gregg is also active in the  Art Activist Group, Honor The Treaties, an organization that makes certain the voices of Indigenous communities are heard through through art and advocacy.

Gregg Deal has created a powerful means to give Native people a fresh voice through his art and social media. His visual and performance art makes us question our understanding, treatment and ongoing misrepresentation of Native Americans. As part of The Last American Indian On Earth Project, Gregg dresses in stereotypical, American Indian clothing and films peoples' reactions to him as he does mundane things like shopping for cereal. Gregg may be serious about his cause, but he has a healthy sense of humor and his gift for political satire drives home his message loud and clear. Sometimes he stands in front of DC Landmarks with cardboard signs that say things like "My Spirit Animal is White Guilt" or "Noble Savage". The purpose is to engage the public and film their honest reactions and perceptions about American Indians in modern culture. Combining his visionary art, passion for change and social media, we believe our friend Gregg Deal, may have started a revolution. A true JellyVisionary. Follow Gregg on Twitter @Last_Indian and @The_Lame_Sauce

Apr 8, 2014

Episode #126: Pilot Waves & Podcastration Podcasts


This week we interview podcasters who want to change their communities through podcasting. I'm calling them PodcastivistsAlex Vidales and Jason MacDonald from
The Pilot Waves Podcast
are on a mission to introduce culture to community and community to culture by bringing together creatives and local businesses for events and authentic, mutually beneficial relationships. We're inspired!

Our second Podcastivist is Brittney Bitterburg who hosts the new,  Podcastration Podcast which will debut in the next few weeks. Brittney uses the public information in the Sexual Offender Registry to follow neighborhood sex offenders in an effort to keep her community safe. She Tweets their activities to her followers and talks about her experiences on the podcast. She has even met and gotten to know some of the offenders and has dated a few that were convicted of lesser crimes, like peeing in public. We are disturbed and mortified to learn that Brittney uses the sexual registry as her own personal Match.Com. Nothing ever goes as planned...

Apr 1, 2014

Episode #125: The Bunnymany Bridge Collective & Gwendolyn Carter


This week Jelly & Tim get to talk artsy with the NOVA artists that form The Bunnyman Bridge Collective. The Bunnyman Bridge Collective is a suburban art movement that originated in Fairfax, Virginia by artists Jason Davis, Jessica Kallista, and Javier Padilla. These artists are  making mischief and wreaking havoc on suburbia through their artistic visions. You can witness some mischief yourself at their upcoming show, "Tell Me Something" which opens Sat.April 5th at Epicure Cafe. At the opening, You will experience music by Kid Claws , a local band whose sound was described by Jason Davis as "If clouds Were People". We are fascinated by it all.


We also invited Gwendolyn Carter, a member of the Clifton Union of National Traditionalists Society, to be on the show to help open up the dialogue about urban art in suburbia. She, and her fellow traditionalists, have a healthy fear of art and anything that provokes emotion of any kind. The Society meets every Tuesday in the Town of Clifton where the Bunnyman Bridge urban legend originated. The group believes that splattering paint on a canvas is a call to Satan.
Needless to say we had an interesting conversation and we may even see Gwendolyn at the art show on Saturday if her husband says it's ok.

**Special Thanks to Audrey Mattain who performs with the DC sketch group, Bad Medicine, Audrey is also a member of the improv group Huggy Spreadums and you can find her on Twitter @audrey_tomato . **