Jan 29, 2014

Episode #120: Rasta Rock Opera & Bullied Brony, Buddy Bestfriend

We were awed by the rock star among us in this 120th episode of The JellyVision Show. Stevie Marco, Founder and Creator of the new group, Rasta Rock Opera whose album, Respect and Love Revolution will be released Feb. 6th (Bob Marley's birthday). This innovative music project involves 47 different, high caliber artists who come together to create the genre of Rasta Rock. Heavily influence by legends Jimi Hendrix and Bob Marley, the music has a message delivered with power, purpose and soul. It's so good, even the Jimi Hendrix Foundation endorsed it. Follow Rasta Rock Opera on Twitter. Stevie is also the innovative entrepreneur behind a Songfi, an application that he describes as a "Free Music Revolution" where artists are paid through sponsorships. Sounds exciting and we will all be on the ground floor when it goes public in Feb/March 2014!

We are joined by Bennett Boddington, who calls himself a "Bullied Brony" who has found solace and understanding in the Rasta Rock Opera's anti-bullying message in their song, "No More". We bring him on to discuss being a Brony (a boy or man who loves the cartoon My Little Pony) and how he likes to be called, Buddy Bestfriend. By the end of this episode, friends are made for sure. Tim even takes the Brony Personality Test and finds out he is Rainbow Dash! And we learned, Friendship really is Magic! Maybe you will see us all at the next BronyCon!

**Special thanks to improviser, Matthew Stephan, from Porkchop Volcano for playing Bennett Boddington. Don't miss Porkchop Volcano's next show Feb. 8th at the Arlington Cinema and Drafthouse!

Jan 21, 2014

Episode #119: Lenny Langley from the LenCo Card Company

Jelly bought a  $50 Valentine's day card  from a convincing stranger last week. We meet that man. He is Lenny Langley from LenCo Card company. Lenny shares his process for creating his obscure and often rather unusual, yet charming cards he fashions at the local library. Things get a little heated on the show as Jelly realizes she may have paid too much for a Valentine's Day card.

You can follow Lenny on Twitter to make an order at @LenCoMakesCards or to read his tirades against Jelly.
And because we have no hard feelings & huge hearts, please follow his only real friend, some dude named Don Mehsko on Twitter @DonMehsko and his hilarious Tumblr: donmehsko.tumblr.com

Enjoy some of Lenny's Cards! 

Jan 14, 2014

Episode #118: These Future Saints & Shirley Temple, III

We meet Andrew Gaddy, lead singer and songwriter of the DC indie rock band, These Future Saints. We talk to him about being a hipster, fighting off the ladies and making good music. We introduce Gaddy to another musical phenom, Shirley Temple, III--the grandson of Shirley Temple. Shirley three is working on a lot of worthwhile projects, including a scholarship program to Shirley Temple University. He has also been wrestling in the Backyard Wrestling Federation under the name, Shirley Temple of Doom.

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Don't miss Andrew Gaddy Tuesday, Jan 14th at Iota for The 9 Songwriter Series. Just $10!

Check out These Future Saints recent web series project called, Music with Friends on Youtube:

***Special thanks to DC improviser, Conor O'Rourke, from the stellar improv troupe, Porkchop Volcano! Porkchop Volcano's show at the Arlington Cinema and Drafthouse was just picked by the Washingtonian and Brightest Young Things as a good weekend bet! Congrats guys!
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Jan 8, 2014

Episode #117: Shelly Bell and The BopNix

Meet Shelly Bell! Shelly is an award-winning poet as well as a published author and journalist. She is also the Executive Director of Regret Nothing Write Everything. She is known for mixing uncommon honesty with a populist style and she certainly brought that to the table in this powerful episode of The JellyVision Show. Shelly shares her personal story of sexual assault publicly, for the first time. Her story launches a rich discussion on sexuality, guilt, feeling violated and other complexities involved with defining and discussing sexual assault. Follow Shelly Bell on Twitter, Like her on Facebook and check out her novel, All Women Are Stupid Sometimes.
Just when we were all ready to lighten the mood, we were joined by Forever & Herb Bopnick, a married couple who perform together as "Proets" (Rap + Poetry) under The BopNix. Their original work is often spontaneous and based on living and feeling in the moment. You can find them performing at various bus stops in DC since selling their home. They hope to be part of a Songwriters & Poets showcase at The Mellow Mushroom in Adams Morgan soon.

Here is Shelly Bell performing Sexual Gluttony

Special Thanks to DC area improvisers,  Audrey Mattaino and Michael Cartwright for playing Forever and Herb, street Proets. You can see Audrey perform on stage with her troupe Huggy Spreadums.
You can follow Audrey on Twitter @audrey_tomato
You can Follow Michael on Twitter @mmnck86