Dec 31, 2013

Episode #116: Shane Wilson & Democrates of Lacedemonia

This week we were delighted to meet the coolest Roots Rock musician ever, Shane Wilson, from Coldwater, Alabama. After almost 20 years in the music scene around Muscle Shoals, Alabama and Nashville, Shane recently moved to Northern Virginia and is quickly making a name for himself in the DC indie music scene. He regularly hosts musical events for the Songwriters and Poets Alliance in addition to performing regularly. He writes all of his own songs including, “Town That Knows Everything” which Q Magazine, England called “the best song Springsteen never wrote,".  Follow Shane on Twitter, Like him on Facebook and feel good doing it after checking out his music on Reverbnation. By the way, he is a super nice, Down to Earth guy. We think he is awesome.
And so does Democrates of Lacedonia who is also on this episode. A Greek trajedian, Democrates was cursed by Apollo and the 9 muses for several unsavory incidents.  In fact, he can't return to 5th Century BC until he completes a rather difficult task. Although we could do little to help his predicament, we did make a new friend in a toga.

**Special Thanks to talented DC improviser, Seth Alcorn for creating and improvising  Democrates of Lacedemonia for our 116th episode. Seth is a member of the short & long form troupe, Porkchop Volcano which performs monthly at the Arlington Cinema and Drafthouse. He also performs at the Comedy Spot Improv Theater.

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Dec 22, 2013

Episode #115: Elvis’ Birthday Fight Club & Wacky Willy’s Indoor Weather

How can you not appreciate the creative genius from innovative people who think, "Wouldn't It be amazing if we mix burlesque with chickens and have them fight each other?". That wonderfully bizarre question led Astro Pop Events to produce  Elvis' Birthday Fight ClubNot just a show, an experience--expect  Sucker Punches, Burlesque, and Below-The-Belt Comedy. It's a party & a show, fit for The King. We learn all about the show from dead Elvis and the gorgeous, Kittie Glitter, the lovable hosts of EBFC 2014. We can't wait to meet Commodius!  Don't miss this incredible show, Jan. 3rd, 2013 at Gala Hispanic Theater in DC or Jan. 4th at the Creative Alliance in Baltimore.
Tickets are just $16-20 and can be purchased right here, right now

For the first time on The JellyVision Show, we have a weather reporter! Wacky Willy "hails" from WKY3, weather & sports in the Ozarks. He brings to us his leading edge technology for Indoor Weather forecasting. Genius!  We even discover that Elvis is large enough and sweaty enough to be an indoor weather system. Hello, humidity,

Special Thanks to Alex Beard, DC area improviser and improv instructor who played Wacky Willy.

Dec 10, 2013

Episode #114: Songwriters & Poets Alliance and The Drive-Thru Poet

We made a new friend and his name is Anders Thueson! Anders is the founder of the Songwriters and Poets Alliance. This unique alliance includes indie artists, presenters, bloggers and networkers. What started out in May 2012 as an annual series of performances to showcase a variety of DC indie artists has quickly grown from one to four dedicated venues. These venues include The Black Squirrel, The Mellow Mushroom, Adams Morgan Day and Clarendon Day. Impressive! Don't miss the next free show produced by Songwriters and Poets which happens Thursday Dec.12th at 8pm at The Mellow Mushroom in Adams Morgan. No cover.
We introduce Anders to Regina, The Drive-Thru Poet. Regina is an innovative poet who writes strictly about her emotional and physical experiences with fast food. She performs her verbal pop art daily and nightly in a variety of drive-thru lanes, smartly using the built in speaker mic to project her art to employees and patrons inside the fast food establishments. She reads us a couple of her poems, including her most emotional piece yet, Fuck You, McRib.

Dec 3, 2013

Episode #113: Michael McFarland & @TipsforJesus (Hay-Soos) Mystery Man Revealed!

Our new BFF, Mortimer P. Highbottom gets a new car every time he runs out of gas.

Just in time for #GivingTuesday!  Tim and Jelly talk to Michael McFarland, author of Improv: How to Improvise, a recently released ebook that is a work in progress and will continue to grow in content as improv experts around the world answer all the most burning improv questions. Buy it now on Amazon for just $2.99 and get all the updates free for perpetuity! And send your improv questions to and contribute to this tome of improv knowledge.

And in a JellyVision Show exclusive we reveal the identity of the mystery man who has been leaving extremely generous tips at restaurants around the country. We first found learned of this from Gawker. Known only as @tipsforJesus, theories have run wild about the identity and motivation behind tips ranging from $500-$10,000. A rich religious fanatic spreading the word of Jesus?  NOPE. Nothing could be further from the truth!  Mortimer P. HighBottom is a dying rich man simply honoring the memory of his best friend and  gardener, Jesus, who he accidentally ran over with his tricked out Rascal and killed in August.

We even surprise Mortimer with White Wanda and Tomato a waitress and dishwasher from The Cindy Dee Diner in West Virginia. Wanda is actually upset because she only got a $500 tip from Mortimer and the shocking reasons are revealed.

Not White Wanda's Tip

Special thanks to the talented DC area improvisers Mark Johnson (Mortimer Highbottom), Erin Hayes (White Wanda & Ghost of Jesus) and Michael McFarland (Tomato).