Nov 29, 2013

Episode #112: Author/Actor Justin McLachlan & Dragon Ball (Time Traveling Trucker)

Buckle Up because we time travel on this special Sci-Fi-ish episode of The JellyVision Show.
We talk to writer, actor and film maker, Justin McLachlan who came to us through our friend  Colleen McKenna of Tiger's Blood Theater, after our scheduled guest had to cancel at the last minute. We refer to Justin throughout the episode as Grade- A Groin Meat, due to his impressive resume and our inability to introduce a guest properly.  Justin is the author of the Sci-Fi books, primed for the big screen, The Station One series. He even published his first non-fiction book about Star Trek technology in April, called Treknology. His non-fiction work has been published in Wired and Popular Science Magazines. He is kind of a big deal. Look at this cool t-shirt he will sell you for a fair price!

Jelly met Leroy Johnson, AKA Dragon Ball, on her new CB radio.  Dragon Ball claims to have been probed by aliens in addition to remote viewing Justin, time travelling and marrying two Squatches. This is one psychedelic, Sci-Fi episode full of surprises. We even learn some CB language and Squatch talk.

CB Slang we learned on this episode:

Lot Lizard: A woman who hangs out at truck stops hoping to hook up with a random truck driver

Hungry Heifer: A Lot Lizard with an appetite and expectation of a meal, preferably at Waffle House

Sleeper Leaper: A Lot Lizard who will hop from truck bed to truck bed in one night for sex and hopefully $10.

African Violet: An African American Lot Lizard

Orchid: A person of any sex who is open to anything, specifically with a trucker

10-200: A bathroom break

Special thanks to our very talented, DC area improviser, Andre Gatling who played Leroy Johnson (Dragon Ball). Andre has several TV projects in the works, but is sworn to secrecy until the deals are done. Don't worry, when he gets super famous, we will brag about having him on the show.

Nov 24, 2013

Episode #111: Tigers Blood Theater & Swayze McIntyre: Human Guinea Pig

Have you ever accidentally started a fire?  That's cool, but Colleen McKenna accidentally started a theater company!  Colleen is the talented actress and improviser behind Tiger's Blood Theater, a growing theater company that supports and encourages people to do something they've never done before, on a stage, in front of an audience. It takes a special person to be that encouraging--someone brave enough to use the motto: "Explore. Experiment. Express.". Her productions are rated Triple EEE!  Tiger's Blood THeater has found a supportive home base at The Comedy Spot in Arlington where the shows have included established improv troupes, stand-up comedy, sketch and virgin improv troupes hitting the stage for the first time. Tiger's Blood Theater also proudly presented the dramatic production of Edward Allen Baker's one-act play, Rosemary with Ginger at the 2013 Capital Fringe Festival, which was critically acclaimed. Colleen is looking forward to hosting a sketch writing workshop Jan. 25th at The Comedy Spot taught by Kevin McDonald from Kids In The Hall. Stay tuned for details on the Tiger's Blood Facebook page and @tigersbloodthtr on Twitter. 2014 is going to start with a roar for Tiger's Blood Theater! You can also see Colleen perform with DC improv troupe, Pluto's Last Stand.

Since Colleen encourages experimentation, we brought Swayze McIntyre on the show to talk about his career as a Human Guinea Pig. Although emotionally traumatized and shockingly poor from the "Guinea Pig Game", he shares his incredible stories with uncomfortable honesty. Such as the time he set the president of Coleman's wife on fire while testing camping lanterns. Or the time he almost died choking on Country Time Lemonade's powder mix. Swayze's most recent gig was testing Dress Barn's dresses which he excelled at with the help of a lot of Spanx and sit ups. And as usual, our guests made a connection and Colleen will be shepherding Swayze into a performance career where he can tell his story to a broader audience without being poked with a toothpick.  Please follow Swayze on Twitter and help his pain-free future along!

Special thanks to Jon Milstein of Porkchop Volcano for playing the very lovable human guinea pig, Swayze McIntyre. Please see Jon and his troupe, Porkchop Volcano --they perform every other Saturday night at Arlington Cinema and Drafthouse. Next show will be Dec. 14th at 9pm! 

Nov 19, 2013

Episode #110: Two Unique Veterans: Lt. Knick Knack & Mathers

Welcome to our Veteran's Day Show!  All of us at The JellyVision Show are incredibly grateful for the service, sacrifices and  bravery of all of those in the U.S. Armed Forces. Our way of recognizing Veteran's Day didn't go exactly as planned, but hopefully it brings a few laughs to veterans and non-veterans alike.

Jelly was in charge of booking veterans for the Veteran's Day Show. She found a 23 year Army Veteran, Lieutenant Commander Knick Knack who it turns out, fights sin on the front lines of The SALVATION Army. Oops. Wrong Army.  Lieutenant Knick Knack does battle hard to properly price gently used items and specializes in $1-$4.99 items. Jelly and Knick Knack discover that they share the rare hobby of collecting baby teeth of the famous and infamous. Many trades have happened since the show was recorded. That's random.

Luckily, Jelly booked a second veteran, Todd Jessup (AKA Mathers) of the Civil War. Tim was initially less than impressed to find out Mathers is a veteran of weekend Civil War Reenactments. But Tim came around once he found out just how seriously Mathers takes his living history--even losing a limb to scurvy on the battlefield. We also learn that Mathers has taken his hobby into a career and also reenacts celebrity commercial tragedies and highway accidents. He is very brave.

Special Thanks to the very talented Washington, DC improvisers, Sabahat Chaudhary and Marc Reber. Sabahat is co-founder of District Improv and performs with Press Play and will be performing at The Bannerman Present Lesser Known Tales at the DCAC on 11/22 & 23. Marc performs with the troupe, Hot & Sweaty and you can catch him in their upcoming benefit show, A Hot & Sweaty Hliday for You at Bus Boys & Poets on 12/31.

Nov 13, 2013

Episode #109: GlitterLust & Siobhan Wright Never Wrong

The JellyVision Show is a bit more sequinned and sweaty thanks to the disco-punksters, Mikey Torres, Liz Yeljack  and Lacy Liszt of the band GlitterLust! This episode of The JellyVision Show is a lot like a Casual Encounters ad on Craig's List --you just can't stop listening but you might feel a little dirty afterwards. GlitterLust brings to the show an LGBT education, frank conversation and hard hitting dance beats. Glitterlust is an interactive queer discopunk band born in the back alleys of Washington D.C. Their live shows are high energy spectacles which often feature outrageous costumes, burlesque performers and giant dancing plushie teddybears! You are guaranteed to dance, sweat and go home covered in glitter! Glitter Dance!

We talk back alley births, pet mushrooms, repression, show costuming, their passion for music, why their songs are about queer sex, post modern relationships. how Craig's List got them together and why lead singer & costume designer, Mikey Torres is the Punk Rock Martha Stewart.

We are joined by the cranky Irish critic, Siobhan Wright of the popular judgemental blog, Siobhan Wright Never Wrong. Siobhan reviews whatever she can with a scathing tone. She also uses her own Guinness rating system. The JellyVision Show was a victim of one of her reviews and got just a single Guinni. Embarrassing. Luckily, she took a liking to GlitterLust and their rating was way up their by the end of the show.

Don't miss GlitterLust at the Mid-Atlantic Leather Festival January 17-19th 2014!

Special thanks to DC area improviser, Katie Dunn, for playing Siobhan Wright!

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