Sep 23, 2013

Episode #103: District Improv Festival Producers, Four Out of Town Troupes & Frisky Maude

Another first for The JellyVision Show!  Much fun was had recording our first episode with call-in guests, and what amazing guests we had for this show. Tim Trueheart and I are joined in studio by the co-founders of District Improv, Brianna Lux and Sabahat Chaudhary. We also invite a regular show listener, Maude to the studio in an effort to get her to the festival. Maude asks her own unique questions and surprising things are revealed. Together, we all get to know four of the improv troupes travelling to DC for the first annual District Improv Festival which takes place Sept. 24-29th at The Source Theater.

Ryan Hill, Gloria Bankler and Paul Normandin from In Our Prime were weird enough to take our call on a 3G phone while crammed inside a Volkswagon on the side of the road, somewhere in Austin Texas. We talk to them about their unique format of drama & comedy and the workshops they are teaching as part of the District Improv Festival. As a group they are teaching "Don't Be Afraid of the Dark" and troupe mate Jessica Arjet is teaching "Being Open, Being Honest". Don't forget to sign up while there is still space!  You can catch In Our Prime perform at the festival on Friday 9/27 at 10:30!

Kaitlin Buckley and Luke Bruneaux of Aeropuerto chat with us about chemistry (sexual), travel bonding and troupe diversity. Aeropuerto is based in Cambridge, Mass. and perform at the District Improv Festival on Sat. 9/28 at 9:30pm.

Population 6, a Baltimore Improv Group mainstage troupe, will be performing on Thursday 9/26 at 8:30pm. We speak with troupe members Sean Stokes and Katherine Frances Billingsley who were the first to play our fun new improv game. "5 Things John Windmueller is Doing Right Now That is Not Improv". Fun! We talk about BIG's new home as well as their upcoming 10 year anniversary gala. And thanks to Maude, we talk about safe words.

Mike Harris, one half of the two-man troupe, Evan the Loyal, talks to us last and gets the deepest questions of the show. Mike is the artistic director of Baltimore Improv Group (BIG). We learn a lot about Baltimore's unusual improv scene and how improv has changed over the years. Don't miss Evan the Loyal perform on Thursday 9/26 at 10:30pm.  Mike and Prescott promise a good time and a hot musician on stage at the Evan the Loyal show.

**Special thanks to DC improviser, Brianna Lux, for playing Maude! **

Sep 19, 2013

Episode #102: Comic, Chris Janson & The Gentlest Bodyguard, Chuck Farmer

Local comic, Chris Janson did not speak in high school unless he had something funny to say. And although he claims in this episode not to be seeking fame, he got a lot of attention when he did a one-man nudie show at his apartment for several months. Chris's original stand-up comedy combines sketch, poetry-like delivery and awkward moments of genius. Thanks to our peer pressure, you can now follow Chris Janson's comedy career on Twitter @keepyourjanson.

Chuck Farmer, mild-mannered, former bodyguard to several notably distressed or dead famous people, joins the conversation. We learn about his family's shocking legacy of bodyguard bungles. Each relative present at some of the most infamous celebrity tragedies. Chuck was recently fired by Beyonce' after he failed to protect her from a crazed fan because he was busy subduing an electric fan. This incident shattered what remained of his reputation after running Whitney's final bath.

Desperate to get Chuck another chance, we asked Chris if he might need some protection while performing on the brutal DC comedy circuit. It turns out, Chris took to Chuck's gentle disposition and was particularly impressed with his use of salad spray in lieu of pepper spray to deter an attacker. Chuck even got a chance to prove himself when armed intruders stormed the studio. What an exciting episode with a happy ending. Just ask Tim.

Now busy protecting Chris Janson and life coaching, you can follow Chuck Farmer on Twitter at @chuckhugs.

**Special thanks to talented DC improviser, John Heiser for playing Chuck!**

Sep 10, 2013

Episode #101: Flying V Theatre and W.A.T (Women Against Twerking)

TIm and Jelly chat with Jason Schlafstein, the Producing Artistic Director of the Flying V Theatre. They learn about psychographic profiling and why Flying V focuses on Taste Communities instead of traditional demographics to reach their audiences. Apparently it's working, because their original show, "The Best of Craigs List" sold out at The Kennedy Center as part of their Millenium Stage Series. Learn how Flying V fights the "Loneliness Epidemic" by "creating theatre that makes people want to live life more."

You can buy tickets now to Flying V's upcoming adventurous production, Unplugged, which follows 27 Club member, Kurt Cobain, into Heaven for his overdue talk with God. Rock and Roll is Dead. Welcome to the after-party. The show runs from 9/27-10/13 at The Writer's Center in Bethesda and tickets are just $10!

Joining the conversation is Penny Vanderhughes, the President and Founder of W.A.T (Women Against Twerking). Penny started WAT after her daughter, Laticia  died in a car accident while twerking and driving. It seems twerking runs in the family and Penny is fighting her demons with a Butt Muzzle and legislation. She is trying to get Laticia's Law passed in all 50 states to prevent more deaths from TWD.

**Special thanks to the talented improviser and actress, Eileen Haley, for becoming Penny Vanderhughes.**

Sep 4, 2013

Episode #100: District Improv, Ricky Rosario, Didier, Dr. Kleenex, Tammy Johnson and Bruschetta Return!

We made it!  100 episodes! Our jelly jar runneth over!  Thanks to everyone who has ever come on the show. Much love and respect to all of you.

To help us celebrate, Brianna Lux and Jeff Hughes from District Improv swing by to talk about the excitement surrounding the first ever District Improv Festival that is coming to DC from Sept. 24-29 at The Source Theatre. In addition to being on The District Improv board, Brianna performs with Aboulia! and Nox! --both incredibly talented DC improv troupes. Jeff performs with Jungle Fever and is the head Buddha behind Happy Buddha Productions which produces improv variety shows throughout the year.

We also catch up with the following return guests:

Didier Hawthornwithazed--infamous but artistic ferret groomer. He tries to get a job with Ricky Rosario.

Ricky Rosario--Working the dog rodeo circuit with his dark mini humans (monkeys) and border collies. We find out about his fight with Petta and his secret basement relationship with Bruschetta (Bruce) Appateazer.

Bruschetta Appateazer--Formerly Bruce, she is now post-op and living life to it's fullest. Past president of the Transgender Avengers, she gave up her post and is now concentrating on love.

Dr. Drropdhat Kleenex-- Grief counsellor and author of "Drop That Kleenex and Pick Up Your Life". He applies his understanding of the 99 stages of grief to our hodge podge of guests.

Tammy Johnson-- Tammy was the cheerful activities director of the doomed Carnival cruise ship, The Triumph. We find out that she is coping by imagining herself in eighties sitcoms. Thank goodness Dr. Kleenex is there to pick up the pieces of Tammy's life.

**Special thanks to the following talented people:

Jamal Newman, comic and improviser who plays Ricky Rosario and Dr. Kleenex. 
Jeff Hughes who plays Didier and Bruschetta.
Alexis Turrentine who in addition to tweeting, writing and co-producing the show, plays Tammy Johnson.