Jul 2, 2013

Episode #93: Erin Bylander, Disco Jesus & Dodie–Fringe Fest Producers on the Fringe.

It is a very exciting time of the year in DC.The 2013 Capital Fringe Fest is here!  In this episode, Tim & Jelly talk to three Fringe show creators with three very different shows. We learn about their process, challenges and passion for their art.

Erin Bylander, debuts OKstupid's SECRET Math Lab, her very first play inspired by the online dating experience. What a great first date for all you online daters out there!  Erin is also wrapping up her first novel, Groan, a snarky chick lit based in DC. Jelly can't wait to read it! 

Vaughn Irving wrote, produced and stars in Disco Jesus and The Apostles of Funk, his first original musical.
Witness a ten-piece band lead you through a funkadellic, musical crusade to answer the burning question, "Can Music Save Your Soul?" #WWDJD?

Against their better judgement, Tim & Jelly invite back Dodie, the angry ferret breeder from Episode #84. He is also producing his first Fringe production, A Ferret to Remember. It turns out that his show is both disturbing and dangerous and is not endorsed by The JellyVision Show. Dodie's frankenferret is the star of this show which is inspired by hate and revenge. Not suitable for anybody, really. Attend at your own risk.

The JellyVision Show team loves animals!

**Special thanks to Seth Yavit for playing Dodie.** 

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