Jul 30, 2013

Episode #97: Charlie Visconage & Dr. Drrropdat Kleenex, Grief Counselor

In this episode, Tim and Jelly speak to the host and creator of The Charlie Visconage Show--Charlie Visconage!  His incredibly entertaining, live, night-time variety talk show will come to an end with a bombastic FINAL SHOW on August 23rd at DCAC.  Guests will include artists Dana Ellyn and Matt Sesow, Jennifer Tress (Founder of You're Not Pretty Enough), and Born I, rapper. We learn about the genesis of the show, the talented people involved with it's creation, all the hard work involved to make it a success and why it is all coming to an end.

Tim and Jelly decide to help Charlie say Good-bye to The Charlie Visconage Show by providing free grief counselling by Dr. Drrropdat Kleenex (Jamal Newman), a distant cousin by arranged marriage to Deepak Chopra. Dr. Kleenex is the author of soon-to-be best selling book, "Drop That Kleenex and Pick Up Your Life".  He has debunked the belief that there are only 5 Stages to Grief. Drropdat has a list of 26 stages of grief, and he is still discovering more in his travels. These new, grief stages include:  Memory Defecation, Dry Dreams, Kitten Smiles, Carrot Blindness, Pig Nipple and Sunken Toilet Posture. We soon discovered that Charlie was suffering from all of these.

In the end, after a lot of work by Dr. Kleenex, we cure Charlie of his crippling sadness, memory defecation, etc so he can move forward and look ahead to even more success. Charlie's future is bright!!

Jul 23, 2013

Episode #96: Author, Theodore Carter & Russell, THE Chilean Sea Blob

After Jelly's string of reverse sponsorships, Tim and Jelly interview DC author, Theodore Carter who wrote  The Life Story of a Chilean Sea Blob and Other Matters of Importance (Queen's Ferry Press). This collection os short stories is full of imaginative tales. Theodore enlightens us on writing as a discipline, intense patience and his decision to work with a publisher. We also learn about Theodore's upcoming novel, Stealing the Scream. Inspired by the theft of Edward Munch's, The Scream, will be out in 2015 and published by the amazing,Aqueous Books.  Are you weird like us? Then, you will love both of these books.

Theodore got some publicity from Washington City Paper in 2012 when he and the Chilean Sea Blob that inspired him, invaded DC as a guerilla marketing campaign for the book. Success was achieved with attention by City paper's Art Desk as well as the head buyer at Politics and Prose.

Tim and Jelly surprise Theodore with the appearance of Russell, THE Chilean Sea Blob that inspired his book's title. Russell's taste of fame from the City Paper article got him hooked on performing. He and Theodore drifted apart after their publicity stunt and Russell found himself off the coast of the U.K. entertaining four guys on a deep sea drilling rig. His performance got picked up by Fox News and left him desiring a full-time gig at Sea World.

Convinced that Theodore Carter's success as an author can help him achieve his dreams, Russell, The Chilean Sea Blob works out his past and his future on The JellyVision Show.

"Sea World is the Las Vegas of the aquatic entertainment world"--Russell, The Chilean Sea Blob

"Fish are the worst audience. They can't clap. All they do is mouth "wha wha wha". --Russell, The Chilean Sea Blob

"SpongeBob has jumped the shark" -Russell, the Chilean Sea Blob

"What happens in Malaysia with sea cucumbers, stays in Malaysia." - Russell, the Chilean Sea Blob

Jul 16, 2013

Episode #95: Stephanie Svec & Randall Dierson (Creators of two different one-person shows at Capital Fringe)

Tim & Jelly continue to spread their love for the 2013 Capital Fringe Festival!  This week, they interview two Fringe Fest creators with one-person shows. The insanely talented and brave Stephanie Svec talks to Tim & Jelly about the making of her original one-woman show, I Tried To Be Normal Once, It Didn't Take which is an intensely honest account of her life and the pivotal moments when she confronted fear and the impact its had on her past, present and future. Stephanie tells her story through stand-up, song and a conversation that we can all relate to through laughter and tears. Four shows left! Next Show Thurs. 7/18 at 8:30!
Randall Dierson,
creator of his one-man show, Fear Factory, talks to Tim & Jelly about his belief that fear should be embraced as a tool for long-term survival. At 97 years of age Randall looks like he is in his forties. It makes you stop to think. But not for long! Randall lives in a bunker 2 1/2 miles underground and wears a hazmat suit inside a bubble 24/7.  A friend challenged him to talk about his extreme lifestyle and because he was afraid not to, Randall wrote this show. Randall's show details the odd string of unusual tragedies that took the lives of each of his family members. After hearing the stories, you start to understand how he found safety within his string of phobias which include:

Ablutophobia- Fear of washing or bathing
Bromidrosiphobia - Fear of body smells
Cyberphobia- Fear of computers or working on a computer.

Caligynephobia- Fear of beautiful women
Dikephobia- Fear of justice
Gynophobia- Fear of women
Hobophobia- Fear of bums or beggars
Ideophobia- Fear of ideas
Kyphophobia- Fear of stooping
Lutraphobia- Fear of otters
Pteronophobia- Fear of being tickled by feathers
Zemmiphobia- Fear of the great mole rat

Randall's Fringe shows have been cancelled due to the incident that happened on this show. 

Special thanks to DC Improviser and Co-Host of the DC Couch Cast, Taylor Edwards for creating Randall. Taylor performs with DC improv troupes Mister Meaner and Mahoney.

Jul 9, 2013

Episode #94: Screenwriter, Dan Reheuser & President of The Transgender Avengers

Tim and Jelly learn all about living on the paper cutting edge of life as a struggling screenwriter in LA in this  episode of The JellyVision Show. Screenwriter, Dan Reheuser, shares the secrets of his semi-success and failures working as a writer. Dan is currently working on the pilot for his current project Tiny Champions. Dan is also an assistant story editor on the controversial cartoon, SheZow, that debuted on The Hub Network June 1st and was created by Obie Scott Wade. The so-called controversy centers around the main character, Guy Hamdon, who must wear a female superhero costume in order to fight crime. This apparently upsets some people who love the services at The Westboro Baptist Church. Ah--Woman.

SheZow has plenty of fans and supporters of the cartoon. One group, embracing the show's theme, is The Transgender Avengers. Miss Bruschetta Appateaser, President of the T.A, surprised Dan Rehauser with an award, but yo (gender neutral pronoun, not a typo) is a little disappointed when he doesn't share hir (gender neutral pronoun) vision for season 2.

Sparks fly and things get revealed. Our producer, Alexis, used to be Alex. What?!? And now we know how she wins so many arm wrestling contests.

Share your thoughts.

Special Thanks to DC improviser, Jeff Hughes, for playing Bruschetta with so much sass. Jeff is the head Buddha of Happy Buddha Productions which puts together improv variety shows all over Washington, DC. Thanks Jeff!

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