Apr 30, 2013

Episode #85: Grey Sky Eternal


"I want to release steak"  Justin TenPenny, vocalist Grey Sky Eternal

Tim and Jelly sit down with the guys (minus Patrick) from Grey Sky Eternal. They learn a lot about their individual passions for music and their desire to bring a fresh, innovative sound to their fans with NO EMO!  Tim & Jelly get beyond the music and learn about Will's strip club obsession and some general rock and roll life stylin' in hotel rooms. Listen in for some great stories and even better music.

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Apr 16, 2013

Episode #84: Seth & Jeff vs Didier & Dodie

FerretBuellerDayOff.jpg FerretFawcett.jpg cowboy-ferret.jpg ferretwithgun.jpg

ABOVE (Left to right)  Ferret Bueller by Spirogyro, Ferret Fawcett, John Wayne from Ferret Daily, Seth Yavit as a Ferret by Didier Hawthornwithazed

This was quite an episode. Jelly will never double book guests again. DC area improvisers Jeff Hughes and Seth Yavit joined Jelly & Tim to talk improv. Their newest project, Small Car, Porn Star will debut Friday April 19th in a District Improv Presents show at 826DC!  Jeff is the Big Buddha at Happy Buddha Productions which in addition to comedy variety shows,  produces The Charlie Visconage Show. Jeff is also in the DC troupe, Jungle Fever. Seth, a former Jungle Fever member, shares his Charna Halpern stories from his time in Chicago. And helps define the different improv scenes at I/O and Second City. Seth's improv CVV impresses Tim & Jelly.

Everything was going great. The guests even seemed to like Jelly. But then, she has to confess that she double booked the show and brings out Didier Hawthornwithazed, a famous Extreme Ferret Grooming Artist and his friend Dodie Levinson, a world-renowned Ferret Breeder.  Some of Didier's artistry is pictured above. Unfortunately, Seth took an instant dislike to the ferrets and 30 minutes of unpredictable violence ensued. RIP Seth.

Apr 10, 2013

Episode #83: Giancarlo Farfalle, Janitor Emeritus of The Vatican


Above: The Papal Plunger

The most controversial and enlightening episode to date!! Tim & Jelly interview Giancarlo Farfalle, former janitor at The Vatican. Giancarlo was employed during the last four papacies.  Tim & Jelly learn that Giancarlo barely escaped sexual abuse beneath the robes, performed exorcisms because "nobody else wanted to do them" and regularly fantasized about being the Pope by secretly wearing the papal hats and robes . Plunging with the Papal Plunger was a celebratory event at The Vatican. Who knew?  Risking his own death for The Jelly Vision Show, Giancarlo  talks freely about being a member of the Illuminati and the Twinkie conspiracy.

Apr 2, 2013

Episode #82: Meg Elizabeth & The Orchid Hunter

Tim & Jelly meet and talk to Meg Elizabeth, a 17 year old singer-songwriter, from Pasadena, MD. Destined for super-stardom, she blew them away with her song, "Good-Bye". Also joining this episode is Dr. Simon Barker, Orchid Hunter. By playing Meg's music to his plants, he claims to be the first man in history to grow the rare Ghost Orchid in captivity.