Mar 18, 2013

Episode #81: NOVA Roller Derby’s Flying V & Slammer (Plus a Super-Mega Fan surprise!)


Tim & Jelly learn all about roller derby with Flying V and Slammer from NOVA Roller Derby!   As a surprise to Slammer & V, Tim & Jelly bring super-mega  NOVA Roller Derby fan, Derby on the show. She is such a huge fan, she changed her name from Deborah to Derby last year. and even has a full derby track tattooed on her back.  Derby gets a chance to ask her own questions and V & Slammer are hugely first.

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And don't forget to get your tickets to their next bout on April 27th!  Tim & Jelly will be there--come over and say "hi".

Mar 4, 2013

Episode #80: Spark The Fire & Clark Jamsmith


Tim & Jelly meet Mike Kovarik from the pop/punk band, Spark The Fire. Mike brings along his friend Clark and things go off the tracks more than once. Threats were made. Somehow, they still manage to talk music, art, and New Zealand bike gangs.

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