Feb 26, 2013

Episode #79: Tammy Johnson & The Landjellos from The Triumph


Not even Anderson Cooper got the real poop scoop on what happened aboard the Carnival Cruise Ship, The Triump when an engine fire left its approximately 3500 passengers stranded for five days in the Gulf of Mexico.

In this exclusive interview, Tim & Jelly speak with Tammy Johnson, the activities director on that stinky cruise. Joining them is Mort and Gail Landjello, a couple who was aboard the ship on a much needed vacation.  What they find out includes sex contests, feces craft projects, support groups and more shocking revelations.

Feb 19, 2013

Episode #76: Archie (Boy Band Banter)


Aren't they adorbs?  Tim and Jelly chat with Nick, Brandon, Blair & Seth from local boy band, Archie. We talked about everything including parental influence, musical influences, girls, sexual orientation, pop punk, HAIR, future goals and ditching college.

Find Archie the Band on Facebook and Twitter.

Check out their EP,  Dreams Equipped

See Archie Live! Upcoming Shows..

9:30 Club 2/27

Empire 3/23 Opening for Jonny Craig

Feb 5, 2013

Audio Improv #4: Malcolm & His Dandruff

This continues our series of improv scenes that end with a gun shot to the head. This one was particularly satisfying so hopefully we've gotten this out of our system.

In this scene Tim plays Malcolm and I play his mom who is trying to address his ongoing dandruff problem and his open mouth breathing.

Let us know what you think.