Jan 27, 2013

Episode #75: A Tim & Jelly Chat

Tim and Jelly talk about Jelly's Category 5 brainstorm, dandruff, tooth stains, futurology among other things.

Jelly also announces her first unsolicited-uncelebrity endorsement for Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps.

You should by it!


Jan 24, 2013

Audio Improv #3 with Matthew Shell: “Paulie, Molly & Greg”

In this audio improv scene our guest, Matthew Shell plays Greg; Molly & Paulie's level-headed room mate. At the end of the scene, Tim finds out he's been punked through the entire episode #74 and the scene. He freaks out just a little. That high pitched sound you hear is NOT a school girl having a seizure. Enjoy.

Jan 15, 2013

Episode #74: Matthew Shell (MTS)

Tim & Jelly have a very chill conversation with Matthew Shell (Bio below).  We talk music, when to self amputate, the Grammys, Kanye, dancing, surviving the apocalypse, the dolphin question and more.

Matthew Shell (MTS) is a Washington DC based music producer & engineer, recently featured on GRAMMY.com. He has produced artists such as Marcus Johnson, D2D, Carolyn Malachi, Kolten, Greg Adams, Paul Jackson Jr. & Trey Eley & has engineered for O.A.R., Free, DJ Flexx, Jeff Lorber, Marcus Mitchell & Gerald Albright, among others.

MTS' upcoming album "Victorious" will feature many of his favorite collaborators, including Kenny McNeil, Kenny Wesley, Javier Starks, Danielle Withers, bassist Markus Huber, pianist Vahagn Stepanyan, & 2013 GRAMMY nominee Arun Shenoy, among others.

Official Website www.MTSmusic.net


Jan 7, 2013

Episode #73: Carmel Greens

Tim & Jelly interview Ben Zimmerman of Carmel Greens. He brought along his guitarist, Josh Brust who tries to steal his spotlight. We talk about angry drummers, pop music, opting out of college, gigs and more.

Catch Carmel Greens show on Jan. 8th at The Blue Nile in Harrisonburg. Find them on Facebook and @carmelgreens on Twitter.


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