Oct 15, 2012

Episode #68 with Elisa Cohen

Tim & Jelly's guest, Elisa Cohen has to deal with a lot of their dysfunction in this episode.

Right before recording, Jelly finds out that Tim got invited to be on Brandon Fisher's  podcast and not her.  Tim attempts to ignore her mini-meltdown. Since the recording, Brandon has invited Jelly on his podcast.  Listen to Brandon's awesome podcasts, Living Situation & Comedic Intent.

Jelly calls the suicide hotline and doesn't make it.

Tim & Jelly fight after Jelly catches him in a lie during the show.

Tim teaches Jelly about "making it rain".

Jelly confronts Elisa about her boyfriend's overuse of the term Biatch

Oct 7, 2012

Philippe won’t give us his last name: Show #67

Philippe made us promise not to use his last name. Great. That makes us feel special. Philippe is a stand-up comic in the DC comedy scene. Probably the only stand up named Philippe.

In this episode Jelly accuses Tim of being a racist. Philippe talks about his stand-up journey and process. Jelly is also a little bitter (but still proud) of all the successes of their past guests. Tim feels inferior to Philippe.

Mentioned in this podcast: Mab just Mab, Jen Tisdale, aliens