Sep 17, 2012

Episode #66 with Sean Carlucci

Stand-Up comic and pro wrestling savant, Sean Carlucci talk to us about hell gigs, comedy and wrestling. Oh, and Jelly does a truth monologue about girls' restrooms.

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Sep 11, 2012

Audio Improv #2: The Skinnymans

Brianna Lux & Nick Thulin from Capital Improv Scene join Tim & Jelly for a little audio improv.  In this scene Tim is trapped in a rather abnormal family. The Skinnyman's save money, space and the integrity of their name by not eating.

Sep 3, 2012

Episode #65 with Capital Improv Scene Co-Creators

Tim & Jelly talk to Brianna Lux and Nick Thulin, improvisors and co-creators  of Capital Improv Scene. CIS provides a centralized location to post and learn about improv shows in the DC area.  By bringing much needed exposure and cohesion to the DC improv scene,  CIS is bound to make DC improv more badass by the day.  We respect that.

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