Episode #91: DC Artist Scott G. Brooks & Jim De’Muse




Tim & Jelly are still reeling from their interview with internationally recognized DC based artist, Scott G. Brooks. Don't forget the G!  Scott describes himself as a figurative artist but that word is way too boring to describe the distorted reality, human oddities and arresting images he paints. Tim and Jelly learn a lot about life as an accomplished artist, models (they are tricky), the problem with answering the question, "What is this painting about?" and how a bad ass Smokey The Bear ended up in a flat file.

Jim De'Muse joins the second half of the show.  He contacted Jelly claiming to be represented in several of Scott's paintings. It turns out Jim is paranoid and Scott is really nice. They both hang out at The Satellite Room in DC. Weird.

Listen to the end and hear our free commercials for Hope Floats and Dollar Shave Club.

Special thanks to Jon Menaster from Hand Poured Sketch for playing Jim De'Muse.

More special thanks to our charmingly tipsy and super talented  co-producer and writer, Alexis Turrentine.