Episode #149: Passionate for Podcasting



As a creative entrepreneur, should you start a podcast?  Is their a correct way to be a podcast consumer?  This week on The JellyVision Show Podcast, Tim and Jelly take some time to discuss the benefits of podcasting and share their podcast lessons and struggles. The discussion begins after they give shout outs to former guests & friends who have recently started their own podcasts. This list includes Tim Trueheart himself! Please take some time to check out these fresh podcasts from cool people!

Tim Trueheart's Solo Podcast!: Trueheart

Karl Boehm from Episode #63:  launched The Spiral Marketing Podcast

Mab Just Mab from Episode #58: launched the Goblin Talk Podcast

Justin Mclaughlin from Episode #112: launched the EOS10 Podcast

Porkchop Volcano from Multiple Episodes: launched the SweetWhistle County Podcast

We also make a soft announcement! We are putting together the very first DC Podfest May 1-3rd 2015. Please get in touch with us at jellyvisionshow@gmail.com  if you are interested in being part of DC Podfest. The weekend will be a celebration of podcasting for existing podcasters, future podcasters and podcast fans. Stay tuned for lots of exciting news &  announcements coming soon! :)