Episode #130: Comic Writer, Ryan Nichols & Dark Element




On this episode of The JellyVision Show, we talk to comic book writer and web series producer, Ryan Nichols about his life as a creative entrepreneur. Ryan shares the the origins of his passion for both writing and comics which goes back to his childhood when he got grounded for reading too much. He also shares his advice for anyone considering going into the field. We discuss the depreciation of comic books and how a site like Comixology can help attract new readers to this dynamic art form. We get all get a little more educated on comics--they are a medium, not a genre! Ryan is also producing two comedy web series (Trash Talk and Smoke Break) which will be released in the near future.
We are joined by a man known only as Dark Element who claims to be part of an underground organization known only as The Lifted Veil. He is a self-proclaimed "Truther" and is out to educate the public on what the government refuses to tell us--The TRUTH. You will never believe what he was brave enough to tell us about aliens, mermaids, time travel and even Velveeta Cheese.

Special Thanks to DC area improviser, Alex Beard, who teaches improv and performs with multiple improv troupes, including Just Moxi.