Episode #107: We Try to Talk About World Issues, Like Chris Brown


In this episode, The JellyVision Show team takes a break from our usual boss format to have a real conversation with each other. So, we try our best to be serious and talk about ObamaCare, distractions, elder abuse, Chris Brown and most importantly,  our upcoming show in New York City as part of the second annual Bad Theater Festival that takes place at The Tank in mid-town Manhattan. This is our first ticketed show in front of a live audience and we are both excited and big city nervous. Luckily, we will be joined by some seriously talented folks from The Punctual Drunks as well as our good friend, actor, producer, Chris Griffin.

After listening to the episode 5 times before posting it unedited, Jelly is swearing off martinis prior to recording since they clearly eat her brain cells. If you count the number of times she says "ridiculous" and "sure", you will wish you had a nickel for each time she repeats herself. To further embarrass herself, she completely misuses a word while trying to sound smart about Obamacare. She knew it was the wrong word but the martini is an evil beast that gets a kick out of spewing nonsense from your mouth before you can do a thing about it. So, just to set the record straight, Jelly knows that she should have said "Lambasted" instead of Land Blasted. This was a learning lesson all around.