Episode #106: Stand-Up Comics, Jon Yeager & David Carter with Boo Boo Cooper


Four Costco Jelly Jars! This week, Tim and Jelly get friendly with local stand-up comics, Jon Yeager (J&J Productions) and David Carter. We get to know them, as well as their alter egos; room mates, Christopher Walken and Woody Allen. Really. We also learn the 1000 myths of being a comedian among other things...

In addition to performing all of the DC area, Yeager is the promoter and producer of monthly comedy shows at the Rhodeside Grill in Arlington. His next show, Brash Vol. 2 Thursday Oct. 24th featuring Brian Kerns, Petey Sugg, John Herr, and Mike Quindlen! $5 for blue comedy! Open mic from 8-9 and music by RockEmSockEmRobots!  That is a lot of entertainment for just $5. Maybe you should pay more. Follow Jon on Twitter to keep up with all his amazingness. 

In addition to stand-up, David is also a working actor. So much talent! He is currently starring in Vienna Theatre Company's production of Picasso at the Lapin Agile by Steve Martin. David promises to sneak in a JellyVision Show plug on stage to prove he is a true visionary. Keep him honest and report back to us by seeing the show this weekend or next at The Vienna Community Center!  Please stalk David on Twitter--he really likes the attention.

We are joined by the well-preserved Boo Boo Cooper who is the DC area's biggest stand-up comedy fan. She shares her shocking anti-aging secrets while showing us that Flash Cards have a double meaning. Go Boo Boo go.

The JellyVision Show is now sponsored by Big Fun Shine!

Special thanks to improviser Tice Rust from The Improv Imps for bringing Boo Boo Cooper to life.