Episode #92: Gregg Deal, Joseph Asher Hale, Deidree Bennett & Van Der Poot



In this episode, Tim and Jelly go real artsy fartsy--literally.  This could be their most poopular show to date. Tim & Jelly chat with multi-media DC artists, Gregg Deal and Joseph Archer Hale whose duo-show, Misappropriations, opens at The Dunes on July 5th.  Included in this conversation is Deidree (Dee) Bennett, the Director of Fine Arts at The Dunes. We soon discover Dee's sexy art voice delivers insight on the DC art scene better than a UPS driver from a Skinamax flick. Gregg and Joe face the pressures of saving the world through their art with incredible courage.  And you have to listen to find out who wins the better minority contest!

The gang is soon joined by yet, another guest!   Mr. Van Der Poot, a big-time art collector who to everyone's surprise, hangs artwork in public rest-rooms, including highway rest stops.  Arguably, an overlooked opportunity for a captive audience. This launches a lively debate on whether or not an artist should sell to Mr. Poot and everyone has an opinion.  Mr. Poot believes the amount of urine splash picked up by black light indicates the impact of the artwork on the viewer.  Certainly something to think about.  He also claims that the artwork will inspire vandals to scrawl better on the bathroom walls.  Keep an open mind and flush out your own opinions.

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Artwork pictured above left by Gregg Deal

Artwork pictured above right by Joseph Asher Hale

**Special thanks to improviser, Tice Rust, for playing Van Der Poot. **